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School Percussion Catalogue

Total Number of Percussion Instruments Found: 221

Number of results this page 60

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InstrumentCommentBrandSupp. No.Price in €
With StrapCYMBALS 5" Percussion PlusPP211/822.20buy me!
With BeaterTULIP BLOCK Percussion PlusPP256/19.80buy me!
6 ShakersSHAKER SET: ANIPercussion PlusPP67326.00buy me!
budget,w/strapsCYMBALS: MARCHIPercussion PlusPP958/065.00buy me!
Class Perc. VHSVIDEO: CLASS PEPercussion PlusPP005/518.75buy me!
small shakerSHAKER: MINI Playsound3697E:24 p/box3.45buy me!
3"diam.w/handleDRUM: MONKEY; MFCN1985T9.90buy me!
High/Low PitchMARACAS: PROFESLatin Percussion54.LP28127.20buy me!
With BeaterWAVE DRUM: OCEAPlaysound3693S18.50buy me!
pairCHIKITAS: SMALLPercussion PlusPP5417.50buy me!
Wood: Set of 2CASTANETS: WOODPercussion PlusPP591/14.55buy me!
carries 8 tubesBOOMWHACKERS: TPercussion PlusPP 79721.00buy me!
C64-C76;2beaterCHIME BAR SET: Percussion PlusPP 93530.00buy me!
holds 8 notesCHIME BAR STEP Percussion PlusPP 93638.00buy me!
Piccolo woodCLAVES: JUNIOR Percussion PlusPP208/29.10buy me!
Large cupWOODEN SPOONS Percussion PlusPP 2659.90buy me!
Half Moon/WhiteTAMBOURINE: HEAPercussion PlusPP486/2617.60buy me!
TRIANGLE 6" Percussion PlusPP258/73.75buy me!
Plastic:Set of2CASTANETS: PLASPercussion PlusPP592/43.55buy me!
various coloursEGG SHAKER - VAPercussion PlusPP7712.50buy me!
17 NoteGLOCKENSPIEL Percussion PlusPP930/278.00buy me!
with beaterTRIANGLE 8" Percussion PlusPP259/04.80buy me!
BronzeTIBETAN BELLS Percussion PlusPP347/622.80buy me!
BlackCOWBELL 7.5" Percussion PlusPP672/912.55buy me!
BlackCOWBELL 6.5" Percussion PlusPP671/611.10buy me!
woodenFOOTBALL RATTLEPerc PlusPP105112.45buy me!
Half MoonYellowTAMBOURINE: HEAPercussion PlusPP 486/517.60buy me!
OvalRedTAMBOURINE - DOPercussion PlusPP48416.50buy me!
budget,w/strapsCYMBALS: MARCHIPercussion PlusPP959/385.00buy me!
5 sharps&flatsCHIME BARS: SHAPercussion Plus40.00buy me!
large blueOCARINA: CERAMIFCN1996B9.95buy me!
WhipcrackSLAPSTICK ¤ussion PlusPP 28055.00buy me!
Single MalletBASS DRUM MALLEPercussion PlusSPP43120.00buy me!
8 NOTEGLOCKENSPIEL - Œ2866022.85buy me!
with beaterWAH WAH TUBE: LMeinlMPWW2BK55.00buy me!
noveltyPAN FLUTE - PLAA282401.20buy me!
Single KazooPLASTIC KAZOO Percussion Plus1.80buy me!
soft headTIMPANI STICKS Percussion PlusPP 074/120.50buy me!
6"diam.w/handleDRUM: PANCAKE; FCN1986W13.20buy me!
6pairs assortedBEATERS & BLOCKPercussion PlusPP06235.00buy me!
large; redJAM BLOCK; LARGPercussion PlusPP 24515.90buy me!
8 note; C64-C76GLOCKENSPIEL; FPercussion PlusPP 93740.00buy me!
pair; mediumTIMPANI STICKS Percussion PlusPP07322.00buy me!
5note chromaticCOMBI BELLS: SHPercussion PlusPP27640.00buy me!
Wood ShellTAMBOUR 6" Percussion PlusPP034/320.80buy me!
budget,w/strapsCYMBALS: MARCHIPercussion PlusPP868/824.00buy me!
with beaterOCTACHIME Percussion PlusPP1052/021.70buy me!
with beatersCHIME BAR SET- Percussion PlusPP93269.00buy me!
medium, blueOCARINA: CERAMIFCN1995Y8.80buy me!
Half Moon/BlackTAMBOURINE: HEAPercussion PlusPP486/1317.60buy me!
BEATER FOR COWBPercussion PlusPP262/65.20buy me!
10 KazoosPLASTIC KAZOO -Percussion PlusSPP371/3215.00buy me!
Delicate SoundSOFT SHAKE Latin Percussion54.LP44122.80buy me!
with cordSAMBA WHISTLE Percussion PlusPP 11256.90buy me!
MASTERBLASTER (Percussion PlusPP112435.40buy me!
BUGLE, GOLD unknown2827X5.00buy me!
foldableKEYBOARD STAND Percussion PlusPP98345.00buy me!
OrangeTAMBOURINE: BEAunknownPP1015/116.25buy me!
6 BellsHANDBELLS: FROGBambinaPP100910.30buy me!
Myna, PinkBIRD SLIDE WHISBambinaPP1019/315.60buy me!