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School Percussion Catalogue

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InstrumentCommentBrandSupp. No.Price in €
In case +beaterGLOCKENSPIEL; JPercussion PlusPP92035.00buy me!
assorted beaterBEATERS: PACK OPercussion PlusPP 71835.00buy me!
assorted malletMALLETS: EASY GPercussion PlusPP 71949.95buy me!
yard bellSCHOOL HAND BELPercussion PlusPP 67785.00buy me!
HOOTING OWL Percussion PlusPP 63412.50buy me!
small; blueJAM BLOCK; SMALPercussion PlusPP 24413.00buy me!
chimes/bwhackerBEATERS - SOFT Percussion PlusPP 0645.50buy me!
blackWAH WAH SHAKER MeinlMPSH20BK13.95buy me!
duck,teal soundDUCK WHISTLE AcmePP 16316.50buy me!
pack of 5TRIANGLE BEATERPerc PlusPP55517.45buy me!
plastic maracasMARACAS: PLASTIPercussion PlusPP5369.50buy me!
small;no beaterCOWBELL 4.5" Percussion PlusPP 669/39.70buy me!
pack of 10TRIANGLE HOLDERPercussion PlusPP 5447.70buy me!
train whistleTRIPLE TONE WHIAcmePP168/528.50buy me!
Budget,w/strapsCYMBALS: MARCHIPercussion PlusPP86622.50buy me!
in case +beaterGLOCKENSPIEL: 2Kent1921D35.00buy me!
tri colour;fishGUIRO: LARGE Percussion PlusPP 2269.80buy me!
Accompany PP790BOOMWHACKERS: 5Percussion PlusPP79127.50buy me!
pack of 8BOOMWHACKERS: OPercussion PlusPP79213.00buy me!
5A drumsticksSNARE DRUM STICPercussion PlusPP 10510.50buy me!
CHATTERBOX Percussion PlusPP28249.50buy me!
set of 6MUSIC STENCILS Percussion PlusPP7095.25buy me!
Budget; rawhideBONGOS: 6" & 7"Percussion PlusPP 43750.00buy me!
8" tunableTUNABLE HAND DRPercussion PlusPP 87611.50buy me!
with strapJUNIOR TENOR DRPercussion PlusPP 78780.00buy me!
Box of 24JINGLE BELLS Play SoundMP346/24100.00buy me!
bells on holderJINGLE BELLS Play Sound4.50buy me!
5 note on croc.CROCOGLOCK Play Sound3703D19.70buy me!
standBONGO STAND Dixon1890F36.00buy me!
inc stand/stickSTEELPAN: MINI;Percussion PlusPP 440140.00buy me!
8" dia. 1"deepLOLLIPOP DRUM; Percussion PlusPP 118935.00buy me!
Play/display!!UDU DRUM: CLAY Latin PercussionLPM140099.00buy me!
scraperFROG: WITH BEATPercussion PlusPP 62316.90buy me!
+ sling &sticksJUNIOR MARCHINGPercussion PlusPP 78685.00buy me!
on strapSEED SHAKER; SMPercussion PlusPP 62513.10buy me!
on handleSEED SHAKER; LAPercussion PlusPP 62617.10buy me!
small w/beaterBAMBOO SLIT DRUPercussion PlusPP 62826.00buy me!
shake or rollKYAMBA: HEXAGONPercussion PlusPP 63027.00buy me!
painted,woodRAINSTICK: WOODPercussion PlusPP 63222.00buy me!
15cm dia,+stickTIBETAN SINGINGPercussion PlusPP 64338.00buy me!
Diatonic setBOOMWHACKERS: BPercussion PlusPP 79365.00buy me!
Chromatic SetBOOMWHACKERS: BPercussion PlusPP 79455.00buy me!
with handleSTICK BAG Percussion PlusPP 14322.00buy me!
easy gripAFUCHE: EXTRA SPercussion PlusPP 59836.50buy me!
very largeOCTACHIME: EXTRPercussion PlusPP 105027.00buy me!
red;soft soundMARACAS: WOODENPercussion PlusPP 5379.50buy me!
with strapTUBANO: 10"DIA.Percussion PlusPP 31885.00buy me!
Oval/BlackTAMBOURINE - DOPercussion PlusPP48316.50buy me!
5 pair; plasticBEATERS; ONE PIPercussion PlusPP 3847.50buy me!
great sound!THUNDERER; LARGPercussion PlusPP63616.50buy me!
pairMARACAS; BLUE SPercussion PlusPP 5388.00buy me!
pairMARACAS; YELLOWPercussion PlusPP 5398.00buy me!
metal shakerSHAKER; HEX Percussion PlusPP 52612.90buy me!
pro triangleTRIANGLE; 8" PRPercussion PlusPP97014.95buy me!
14" Plain HeadOCEAN DRUM Percussion PlusPP31432.00buy me!
Contains 9 InstPERCUSSION BACKPercussion PlusPP76245.00buy me!
Seed ShakerCAXIXI - SINGLEPercussion PlusPP65212.00buy me!
Bell ShakerCAXIXI - DOUBLEPercussion PlusPP65319.50buy me!
PairSmall ShakSEED SHAKER: ONŠussion PlusPP65521.00buy me!