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School Percussion Catalogue

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InstrumentCommentBrandSupp. No.Price in €
With BeaterTUNABLE HAND DRPercussion PlusPP87713.50buy me!
With BeaterTUNABLE HAND DRPercussion PlusPP87816.50buy me!
7 New Notes!COMBI BELLS: EXPercussion PlusPP27765.00buy me!
Painted WoodRAINSTICK: LONGPercussion PlusPP63829.00buy me!
Double ShakerSEED SHAKER: COPercussion PlusPP65124.00buy me!
PairWRISTBELLS Percussion PlusPP7393.80buy me!
8" HeadlessTAMBOURINE - BUPercussion PlusPP8756.50buy me!
Plain BeaterBEATER - WOODENPercussion Plus2.00buy me!
PairBEATERS - BASS Percussion PlusPP07119.00buy me!
Pair/Hard FeltBEATERS - XYLOPPercussion PlusPP07016.50buy me!
5" x 2" deepFINGER DRUM - 2Perucussion PlusPP30217.00buy me!
5" x 3" deepFINGER DRUM - 3Percussion PlusPP30318.75buy me!
5" x 4" deepFINGER DRUM - 4Percussion PlusPP30420.00buy me!
5" x 5.5" deepFINGER DRUM - 5Percussion PlusPP30522.50buy me!
3 tone; plasticTRAIN WHISTLE FCNMP3716.50buy me!
Set of 3ANIMAL SHAKERS FCNMP390013.95buy me!
Set of 3MUSICAL SHAPES FCNMP380012.50buy me!
8 note in standFRAME CHIMES (TPercussion PlusPP 014250.00buy me!
with beaterWAH WAH TUBE MeinlMPWW1BK45.00buy me!
18 chimes + btrWIND CHIMES: 18Percussion PlusPP60245.00buy me!
inc beaterWIND CHIMES: 24Percussion PlusPP 60365.00buy me!
inc beaterWIND CHIMES: 36Percussion PlusPP 60479.00buy me!
straight standCYMBAL STAND Percussion PlusPP 18845.00buy me!
seated drumCAJON - ASH WOONinoMPN 52399.00buy me!
3 chimesENERGY CHIMES NinoMPN 58026.95buy me!
with strapDJEMBE; BLACK 1Percussion PlusPP 44885.00buy me!
single w/beaterAGOGO WOODEN; SPercussion PlusPP 2425.90buy me!
30 cm long pairRHYTHM STICKS: Percussion PlusPP 76026.50buy me!
15cm squareHANDY PAD; SMALPercussion PlusPP 107922.50buy me!
7" dia, x 15.5"DJEMBE; WOOD; PPercussion PlusPP 64045.00buy me!
5.5" & 4.75" prBONGOS; SMALL WPercussion PlusPP 31136.00buy me!
natural woodSNOCKER Percussion PlusPP 2437.50buy me!
doubleCLACKER; DOUBLEPercussion PlusPP 6629.90buy me!
with scraperGUIRO; BAMBOO Percussion PlusPP 6669.50buy me!
40-45cm longVIBRA POD Percussion PlusPP 65827.00buy me!
on handleSHAKER; 5 BALL Percussion PlusPP 66710.00buy me!
C64-C76 w/btrsMUSICAL BEAR: 8Percussion PlusPP 36135.00buy me!
w/cord &malletsTOMS; SET OF 3:Percussion PlusPP 30655.00buy me!
with scraperGUIRO; RED PLASPercussion PlusPP22713.00buy me!
7 piece & bookPERCUSSION KIT:Little LyonLLPK39.90buy me!
7 items & bookFIRST GARAGE BALittle LyonLLFGB28.00buy me!