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School Percussion Catalogue

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InstrumentCommentBrandSupp. No.Price in €
Shaker BagRHYTHM BAG Take Your Pick Inc.314D26.65buy me!
8 Bells C to CHANDBELL SET Percussion PlusPP 27155.00buy me!
box of 25CHIME BAR BEATEPerc PlusPP38353.00buy me!
sliding plungerSONG WHISTLE AcmePP 16631.50buy me!
EachBENDY BELLS FCN6.00buy me!
Box of 24BENDY BELLS FCN3667 P130.00buy me!
small rainstickRAINBOMAKER: MIFCNMP20110.00buy me!
shaker onhandleKYAMBA; SQUARE Percussion PlusPP 6359.50buy me!
Rain StickRAINBOMAKER Play SoundMP40026.50buy me!
2 JinglesRHYTHM PAL - TAXXXXXm Pals3672F7.25buy me!
Tick-Tock SoundRHYTHM PAL - NOXXXXXm Pals3670Z7.25buy me!
BellsRHYTHM PAL - MYXXXXXm Pals3669V7.25buy me!
CassetteRHYTHM PAL - CAXXXXXm Pals3675O6.05buy me!
Diatonic;13noteGLOCKENSPIEL Percussion PlusPP001/395.00buy me!
Set of 2 pairsINDIAN BELLS Percussion PlusPP425/510.95buy me!
TableCASTANETS, TABLPercussion PlusPP927/617.70buy me!
DoubleAGOGO BELLS Percussion PlusPP600/428.45buy me!
8 note C40-52BOOMWHACKERS: SPercussion PlusPP79039.50buy me!
yellow duckOCARINA - YELLOBambinaPP102015.60buy me!
YellowJINGLE STICK Percussion PlusPP987/537.60buy me!
WhiteJINGLE STICK Percussion PlusPP987/407.60buy me!
RedJINGLE STICK Percussion PlusPP987/377.60buy me!
BlueJINGLE STICK Percussion PlusPP987/247.60buy me!
BlackJINGLE STICK Percussion PlusPP987/117.60buy me!
SingleBEATERS FOR CHIPercussion Plus1.50buy me!
3 PairsBEATERS FOR CHIPercussion PlusPP066/07.55buy me!
30 Mixed InstPERCUSSION CLASPercussion PlusPP693280.00buy me!
BlackTAMBOURINE: PENBambinaPP101617.20buy me!
CASTANETS; KOALBambinaPP10145.40buy me!
CASTANETS; PANDBambinaPP10135.40buy me!
CASTANETS; FROGBambinaPP10125.40buy me!
CASTANETS; DUCKBambinaPP10115.40buy me!
CASTANETS; WHALBambinaPP10105.40buy me!
Pair/BlueMARACAS: FROG BambinaPP100715.40buy me!
Pair/GreenMARACAS: FROG BambinaPP100615.40buy me!
ChromaticCHIME BAR SET 2Percussion PlusPP931/5215.00buy me!
15"SLAPSTICK: WOODDixon1896X25.25buy me!
unique soundRATTLE CLAP TycoonTRC-H22.90buy me!
w/legs,no beatrTIMP TOM: 14"X1Perc PlusPP 106185.00buy me!
Wood: On HandleCASTANETS Percussion PlusPP257/45.60buy me!
C64-C76; 8 noteCOMBI BELLS: HAPercussion PlusPP27565.00buy me!
Diatonic;8noteGLOCKENSPIEL Percussion PlusPP 92948.00buy me!
Wood ShellTAMBOUR 10" Percussion PlusPP036/925.35buy me!
1 PairJINGLE STICKS GLatin Percussion54.LP18635.55buy me!
On handleCASTANETS Percussion PlusPP171/114.00buy me!
MapleCLAVES: BASS Percussion PlusPP261/314.20buy me!
MapleCLAVES 7 1/2" Percussion PlusPP212/19.10buy me!
LargeWOOD BLOCK Percussion PlusPP255/87.80buy me!
SingleTONE BLOCK Percussion PlusPP254/55.15buy me!
Two-toneWOOD BLOCK: TWOPercussion PlusPP253/28.25buy me!
DoubleAGOGO WOODEN Percussion PlusPP252/912.45buy me!
24 BellsHAND BELLS Percussion PlusPP596/619.00buy me!
12 BellsHAND BELLS Percussion PlusPP251/615.00buy me!
9 BellsHAND BELLS Percussion PlusPP250/39.15buy me!
5 bellsHAND BELLS Percussion PlusPP249/37.25buy me!
Set of 2 pairsCYMBALS: FINGERPercussion PlusPP210/58.80buy me!
Half Moon/BlueTAMBOURINE: HEAPercussion PlusPP486/4217.60buy me!
Half Moon/RedTAMBOURINE: HEAPercussion PlusPP486/3917.60buy me!
plain w/beaterBODHRAN 18" Percussion PlusPP111269.85buy me!
8 noteDESK BELLS Percussion PlusPP 27360.00buy me!