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Brand Instrument Model Description Price inc. VAT
YAMAHA Trumpet 8335LA Xeno Custom; Wayne Bergeron €2,636.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 9335CHS Silverplate, Xeno Artist model; Chicago €3,668.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 8335/S Xeno; Medium Large Bore; Special Offer €2,195.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 8340EM Lacquer Eric Miyashiro Custom €3,022.00
BACH Trumpet TR400s Special Offer Medium Large Bore; Monel Valves; Silverplate €750.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 4335GSll Silverplate, Medium Large Bore €729.00
BACH Trumpet 180ML Strad Lacquer Medium large bore; lacquer €3,150.00
BACH Trumpet 180ML Strad Silver Medium large bore; Silverplate €3,299.00
BACH Trumpet Prelude Medium Large bore €295.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 8310ZS Silverplate, Bobby Shew model; 5inch bell €1,948.00
BACH Trumpet Aristocrat Lacquer, Medium Large Bore €495.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 2330 Lacquer Medium Large Bore €443.00
YAMAHA Trumpet 9335NYS Silverplate, Xeno Artist model; New York €3,668.00
YAMAHA Flugel Horn YFH631G Medium small bore, gold brass bell €1,854.00
pTrumpet Trumpet pTrumpet plastic! Various colours €179.00
BESSON Trumpet BE110 Lacquer, Medium Large Bore €310.00
BESSON Trumpet BE111 Lacquer or silver plate €590.00
B&S Trumpet Challenger 1, 3137-S silverplate ; excellent value for money €1,299.00
B&S Trumpet Challenger 2 silverplate ; €1,899.00