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schedule of rental charges ... €s inclusive of VAT

If you require further information please Email us at
If you want to know more about the specific instruments click here

Brand & Model Price 1st Rental 2nd Rental Balance
Flute TREVOR JAMES Privilege 31PF Closed Hole Silverplated; SOLID SILVER LIP-PLATE & RISER €650.00 €97.50 €162.50 €390.00
Flute TREVOR JAMES Privilege lll CD  31PFCD Curved & straight Headjoint €750.00 €112.50 €187.50 €450.00
Flute YAMAHA YFL 212 Closed Hole Silverplated €650.00 €97.50 €162.50 €390.00
Flute YAMAHA YFL 212CD Closed Hole Silverplated, with curved and straight headjoint €780.00 €117.00 €195.00 €468.00
Clarinet BUFFET Prodige ****new model, replaces the B12*** Bb Resonite body; Silverplated keys €525.00 €78.75 €131.25 €315.00
Oboe BUFFET Prodige Thumbplate system; range to low Bb €1,800.00 €270.00 €450.00 €1,080.00
Oboe BUFFET Prodige Conservatoire system; range to low Bb €1,800.00 €270.00 €450.00 €1,080.00
Oboe HOWARTH S-10 Thumbplate system; range to low Bb €2,100.00 €315.00 €525.00 €1,260.00
Saxophone ELKHART SXAB Deluxe Alto Alto; lacquered €795.00 €119.25 €198.75 €477.00
Saxophone TREVOR JAMES Classic Alto, Lacquered (with High F#) €725.00 €108.75 €181.25 €435.00
Saxophone CONN SELMER Avant Tenor ATS180 Tenor; lacquered €1,200.00 €180.00 €300.00 €720.00
Alto Sax. YAMAHA YAS 280 Alto; lacquered €1,050.00 €157.50 €262.50 €630.00
Saxophone TREVOR JAMES Classic Tenor, Lacquered (with High F#) €995.00 €149.25 €248.75 €597.00
Trumpet BESSON BE110 Lacquer, Medium Large Bore €350.00 €52.50 €87.50 €210.00
French Horn ELKHART 100FH Key of F or Bb €550.00 €82.50 €137.50 €330.00
Trombone BESSON BE130 lacquer Medium large bore; lacquer €675.00 €101.25 €168.75 €405.00

Free music stand if instrument is purchased after 1st rental period!!!

If you wish to discontinue with the instrument you merely return it at which time no extra charges
will be due provided that the instrument is in good condition and has been returned by the date of expiry.

PLEASE NOTE: Rental charges are not refundable under any circumstances.

Prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and include case and mouthpiece. Prices are subject to change without notice.
We stock a large range of music & accessories for the above instruments.